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True Tennessee Music With True Tennessee Whiskey

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A female country singer playing guitar with her band on a blue lit stage.

True Tennessee Music With True Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee, the heart of the American South, has earned its reputation as the home of music and whiskey. With rolling hills, buzzing cities, the Great Smokeys, and a long history of true American whiskey, it’s no surprise that this state has given birth to legendary musical genres like country, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. 

Tennessee’s rich heritage in crafting unparalleled whiskies means our home state is the ideal place to sit back and enjoy premium distilled spirits while listening to some musical greats. It’s time to explore the natural synergy between Tennessee’s musical legacy and its exceptional whiskey and the best places in East Tennessee to hear some homegrown tunes. 

The Tennessee Music Greats

Tennessee’s Musicians Hall of Fame is crowded with A-list names. Dolly Parton is one of the world’s most recognized Tennessee voices. Dolly isn’t only known for her music; let’s not forget her philanthropic work and Dollywood. If she didn’t put Tennessee on the map, she definitely lit it up in lights. 

Other prominent music names from Tennessee are Tina Turner, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Timberlake. Country singer Kenny Chesney was born in Knoxville, while Aretha Franklin came from Memphis. The roll call of influential Tennessee musicians is endless, and, luckily, so are opportunities to catch live music. 

East Tennessee boasts loads of options for concerts and live music. Knoxville hosts concerts and shows featuring various genres of music, from classical to blues, country, and tribute songs. In Gatlinburg and Sevierville, you can get a good taste of Tennessee hospitality by stopping by one of the many bars and restaurants with live music.

Suppose you’ll settle in and listen to some good old Kitty Wells, the apparent “Queen of Country Music,” maybe songs from the “Empress of Blues,” Bessie Smith, or perhaps you’ll stick with nostalgia from Kenny Chesney. In that case, you’ll need some proper Tennessee whiskey to wash it down. 

Authentic Tennessee Music With True Tennessee Spirit 

Old Tennessee Distilling Company is not far from Gatlinburg and Sevierville, an easy stop on a road trip to grab some genuine Tennessee spirits. These are our top picks to enjoy while you rock out: 

  • Tennessee Bourbon Honey Cask Finish: This one will impress your friends. Think smooth and sophisticated with a bite that’ll keep you coming back for more. 
  • Old Tennessee Distilling Company’s Tennessee Whiskey: You can’t go wrong with a classic. 92 proof and 46% alcohol, this spirit packs a punch but leaves a caramel aftertaste. 
  • Premium American Whiskey: Picture the microphone in one hand and the whiskey glass in the other; this spirited bad boy will get you singing like you just don’t care.

Enjoy our whiskeys straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail; we’ve crafted our spirits to suit every kind of whiskey drinker out there. 

Not sure whether you’re a fan of whiskey? Find out why we think 2024 is the year of whiskey.

Stock Up and Wind Down

Visit us in Kodak, TN, and stock up on farm-to-bottle whiskey distilled according to time-honored traditions. We’re open seven days a week and are always happy to show you around.

Kent Merritt

Gatlinburg native Kent Merrit oversees the behind-the-scenes operations at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. He has over 35 years of manufacturing and business management experience and is passionate about developing and promoting businesses with exceptional products and excellent customer service. He invites you to pop in at Old Tennessee Distilling Co. for a free tasting of moonshine and distilled spirits. "Take a moment, take a sip, and get a taste for Tennessee."

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