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5 Wild Facts About Whiskey

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Whiskey sloshing out of a glass tumbler containing ice blocks

5 Wild Facts About Whiskey

Whiskey is a Gaelic word meaning “water of life,” and there’s no denying that it has a colorful past. From its early distillation days, it kept Scots warm in the harsh highland weather, and it was thrown back by cowboys in the Wild West, disguised in cleverly outfitted hip flasks during Prohibition, and nursed by high rolling gamblers in Las Vegas when a party gets started, whiskey is usually somehow involved. 

Whiskey has come a long way over the centuries. To start with, these days, whiskeys are available in various flavors, and the spirit can be enjoyed in different ways. For those who aren’t fans of drinking straight spirits, intricate, flavorful cocktails have opened the door to the world of whiskey. 

No matter how you color it, whiskey remains a spirit associated with history, with wild and daring adventures, outlaws, bootleggers, and those who avoid the status quo. But what are some of these wild whiskey-related stories? Check out these five facts about whiskey. 

1. Without Whiskey, You Wouldn’t Have Tabasco Sauce 

That’s right, it’s a little-known fact that the red pepper mash used to make authentic Louisiana Tabasco sauce is matured in white oak barrels that previously contained whiskey and bourbon. The barrels no longer contain alcohol and are re-used over approximately 35-40 years, helping Tabasco sauce develop its distinctive flavor. 

2. Kentucky Has More Bourbon Barrels Than People

While milk is the state’s official drink, it seems Kentucky might be more inclined toward more spirited beverages. With over 12.6 million barrels of maturing bourbon and other spirits, Kentucky officially boasts more than two barrels for every Kentuckian. 

3. India Loves Whiskey

India is the world’s top buyer of whiskey by volume. Overtaking the previous high achiever, France, demand for whiskey in India is skyrocketing. Over the last decade, whiskey exports to the country have risen by 200%.

Other Asian countries are following suit, and whiskey is becoming the hottest spirit on the shelves in Taiwan, Singapore, and China, with experts predicting that Asians will soon become the world’s biggest drinkers of whiskies. 

4. Whiskey vs. Bananas

One shot of Scotch whiskey contains 97 calories. While this is slightly higher than some other spirits like vodka or gin, it’s way below those in a can of beer (approximately 150 calories). It even beats the number of calories in a banana (approximately 105 calories).

So, what do you think will come out on top in a toss-up between a glass of whiskey or a banana? (We’re guessing it’s not the fruit).

5. George Washington, President, and Whiskey Maker

George Washington owned one of the largest whiskey distilleries in America. By 1799, he produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey using a recipe of 60% rye, 35% corn, and 5% malted barley.

The distillery at Mount Vernon, Virginia, has been excavated and recreated by archaeologists and is open to visitors between April and October. 

Try Authentic Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee has a long history of whiskey production, and we stick to the traditional, time-tested practices to make our authentic farm-to-bottle spirits. And while whiskey is produced worldwide, only the spirits distilled in our great state can be called “Tennessee whiskey.” 

We offer free tastings and $5 cocktails while you browse our award-winning products. Visit us in Kodak, TN, for a true taste of Tennessee hospitality.

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