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The Proper Mother’s Day Gift

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Mimosas in champagne glasses on an elegant table with purple tulips for mothers day

The Proper Mother’s Day Gift

Are you struggling to think of Mother’s Day gift ideas? Trust us when we say you aren’t the only one that ends up in a panicked group message with your siblings three days before Mother’s Day because everyone forgot it was coming up so soon and no one can think of ideas of what to buy her. Lucky for you, Old Tennessee Distilling Company has the perfect gift options in store. Be the hero of your siblings this year because when you choose Old Tennessee Distilling Company, we’ve got you and mom covered. 

Maybe you know what your mom’s favorite booze is, or maybe you don’t. Either way, there are plenty of safe options to choose from at our store. Plus, our friendly staff can help you navigate through your decision-making process. Here are some items we have in stock that we think would make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Moonshine Packages

We have two different packages that come with five different flavors of moonshine. We think this would be a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift because it takes the pressure off of you to find the perfect flavor that you think your mom would like best. The first package has a “dessert” theme, and it includes our famous Salted Caramelicious, S’mores, Bonfire Cinnamon, Bananashine, and Apple Pie moonshines. The second package has a fruity feel, and it includes our delicious Watermelon Falls, Red Haven Peach, Tennessee Frost, Blackberry Bramble, and Little River Lemon moonshines. Mom will be sure to find a flavor (or five) she loves in either of these moonshine packages.

Cream Liqueurs 

When going to the liquor store, purchasing a cream liqueur isn’t usually at the top of your list. It’s one of those things that we love to have, but we don’t typically remember to get. For that reason, it makes for a perfect gift – especially for Mother’s Day! We offer four delicious flavors in our cream liqueurs. These are Honey Peach, Creme Brulee, Butterscotch, and Blueberry. Think of all the delicious dessert cocktails that can be made with these flavors. Yum!

Even if you know exactly what your mom loves to drink, come on into Old Tennessee Distilling Company today! We have a wide selection of moonshine, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, rye, and more. Treat your mom right this Mother’s Day by giving her what she really wants – booze. We look forward to seeing you in the store!


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Tennessee Frost Moonshine

Our 100 proof traditional moonshine is made from heirloom corn we grow right here in East Tennessee, Tennessee. This is shine the way it’’s been made for hundreds of years.

100 PROOF / 50% ALC BY VOL.