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The Best Buc-ee’s Snacks to Pair With Moonshine

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A cocktail on a bar with an orange peel garnish.

The Best Buc-ee’s Snacks to Pair With Moonshine

Texas’s famous gas station is an institution. Whether you’re road-tripping or looking to stock up on snacks, Buc-ee’s large bright yellow sign is a beacon on the side of many highways across the South. And the latest Buc-ee’s edition is the world’s largest travel center which has opened right here in East Tennessee. 

The Largest Buc-ee’s in the Country

As the world’s biggest gas station, the newest Buc-ee’s is the largest branch in the country. Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, just off the I40, the impressive travel complex is right across the highway from the Old Tennessee Distilling Company. So, you can stop in, sample some of our premium spirits, choose some good Tennessee moonshine for your bar, and stock up on snacks from Buc-ee’s on your way back onto the open road. At Buc-ee’s, visitors will find 74,000 feet of spacing housing 120 fuel stations with several fuel options and e-charging services, a carwash, their famous spotlessly clean restrooms, and, of course, snacks, lots of them. 

Pair Your Buc-ee’s Snacks With Our Premium Moonshine

We know choosing snacks from Buc-ee’s is a huge task. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s the impressive array of fresh fudge; flavors range from cookies and cream to the more experimental Key lime pie. Counter the sweetness of the fudge with a refreshing glass of our Dumplin Creek Little River Lemon Moonshine – perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon. Or, grab one of Buc-ee’s Rice Krispie treats in fruity or caramel flavors. Pair this with our Salted Caramelicious Moonshine for a creamy flavor explosion. 

If you prefer savory flavors, head to Buc-ee’s “World Famous Jerky” counter to try Teriyaki jerky, ghost pepper jerky (for the brave), lemon pepper jerky, or stick to the traditional palette. Of course, if you need something more robust, try Buc-ee’s famous barbecue. Whether you choose a pulled pork or a brisket sandwich, these are not your typical gas station meals. Settle in at your destination, crank up the music, and fix yourself a drink using our award-winning Dumplin Creek Tennessee Frost Moonshine to wash it down. 

No matter your taste, you can’t visit a Buc-ee’s without buying a bag (or bags) of Beaver Nuggets. These sweet, crunchy corn puffs are Buc-ee’s most recognized snacks. With their unique shapes, consistency, and deep caramel flavor, it’s no surprise that people keep returning for more. Whether you’re keeping the Beaver Nuggets for yourself or sharing them with friends, our Dumplin Creek Pumpkin Patch Moonshine will be a perfect match for your snack.

Visit Old Tennessee Distilling Company

If you plan on visiting the newest Buc-ee’s in Sevierville, Tennessee, make sure to include a stop across the road at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. Learn about our authentic handmade distillation process, which honors the historical moonshine tradition in Tennessee. We only use local produce, so all our spirits are unique and farm-to-bottle. Tour our store; while it’s not as big as Buc-ee’s, we stock a wide range of whiskeys, rum, rye, gin, and more. And while you’re with us, you can take part in our free tastings or try one of our famous $5 cocktails. We’re open seven days a week, so stop by when you’re next driving past. 



Kent Merritt

Gatlinburg native Kent Merrit oversees the behind-the-scenes operations at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. He has over 35 years of manufacturing and business management experience and is passionate about developing and promoting businesses with exceptional products and excellent customer service. He invites you to pop in at Old Tennessee Distilling Co. for a free tasting of moonshine and distilled spirits. "Take a moment, take a sip, and get a taste for Tennessee."

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