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Our Favorite St Patrick’s Day Drinks

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Happy St. Patricks's Day with green background

Our Favorite St Patrick’s Day Drinks

Some drinks just fit the mold of a holiday perfectly. St Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite “boozy” holidays because its staple green theme can be matched with so many drinks and garnishes. Lime, mint leaves, cucumber, and other sweet herbs are some of the gorgeous and fitting garnishes for this holiday. Here are some generic drinks that can perfectly match the mood of your St Patrick’s Day party or outing. 

1. Margarita

There’s no better drink than a solid, classic margarita. When making margaritas for you and your friends, try using our Tail of the Dragon tequila and triple sec for optimal flavor and quality. One idea for making your margarita more “green,” is to add green sprinkles to the salt you will use for the rim of your glass. This will add so much character and St Patty’s Day pizzazz to your drink! You could also add a couple of drops of green (or blue and yellow) edible food coloring to your already mixed margaritas. Be sure to add a couple of bright green lime wedges to garnish your delicious drink. And just like that – a classic drink everyone loves, just more green!

2. Mojito

This rum-licious drink is a great way to enjoy this spring holiday. Its fresh lime and mint tones are super refreshing, and the soda water in a mojito adds a lovely fortifying fizz to the drink. Mojitos are gorgeously green without any special St Patty’s Day alterations. The lime garnishes and ample mint leaves throughout the drink make for the perfect Irish cocktail.

3. Screwdriver

When you want a vodka drink that isn’t too heavy or sweet, a screwdriver is the way to go. Typically a faded orange color, it wouldn’t seem that a screwdriver could possibly fit the mold of St Patrick’s Day. Think again. Adding blue curacao and a little club soda will not only make for a delicious drink but also a vibrant green color. Garnish with an orange slice and a green sprinkle sugar rim for extra character. 

These are just a few of our favorite St Patrick’s Day drink ideas, but with a little imagination, you can take just about any drink and make it lucky. Add some green food coloring to any clear drink, blue food coloring to any yellow drink, or yellow food coloring or lemonade to any blue drink. Mint leaves can garnish just about any sweet drink, and green sprinkles can coat the rim of any glass. Come get stocked up on all your St Patrick’s Day drink supplies at Old Tennessee Distilling Company today. We look forward to seeing you. Have fun this St Patty’s Day, and be safe!


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