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How to Properly Use the Extra Sunshine This Spring

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2 Spring cocktails, one is orange and the other is lavender with eucalyptus sprigs on a marble table

How to Properly Use the Extra Sunshine This Spring

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we now have an extra hour of sunshine during our evenings. You’ve probably noticed that it isn’t dark outside when you get off work and make that drive home, around 5 or 6 o’clock. We’ve gotten so used to coming home, sitting on the couch, eating dinner, and going to bed because it feels like the day is over when sunset is the same time that we get home from work. However, now we have an extra hour of sun, the amount of sunshine will increase by about a minute each day up until June 21st. Now that we all have recovered from that hour loss of sleep, let’s have some fun in the sun! 

After work, invite some friends and family over for a nice, refreshing, and fizzy drink. Pull enough chairs out of the attic or storage closet to seat everyone on your back patio. Put some music on, serve up some delicious drinks, and spend some quality time with friends and family in the nice spring weather and ample sunshine. If the conversation slows down, keep everyone entertained with an exciting backyard game of bocce or kickball. However, if the conversation continues into sunset, turn the patio lights on or start a small fire in a patio fire pit to keep the party going. Everyone will enjoy spending time with the people they love while getting some fresh air and vitamin D for a change!

Another idea for a way to take advantage of the extra evening sunshine is to take your regular exercise activities outdoors. If you normally walk three miles on a treadmill, walk three miles in your local park or around your neighborhood. If you do yoga in your bedroom, take your yoga mat to the backyard and enjoy the fresh air in your deep inhales. There are plenty of exercises that don’t require mobile gym equipment. Bring some dumbbells outside, and call it a workout! Of course, after finishing your evening workout in the sunshine, sit back in your lawn chair and enjoy a refreshing and health-conscious beverage, like a gin and tonic, spiked cucumber lemonade, mojito, you name it! 

Get stocked up on all of your liquor for the spring at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. We don’t just make moonshine – we’ve got all kinds of liquors and ingredients you need to make all your spring cocktails. Enjoy that extra sunshine. We all could use it!


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