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Why You Should Visit Kodak

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Why You Should Visit Kodak

Kodak, Tennessee, an unincorporated community in Sevier County, is the site of your next stop on your way through East Tennessee. Founded in 1892 and named after a new brand of cameras, Kodak remains a popular stop for people who are traveling on I-40, and those traveling to Sevierville and Gatlinburg. What does Kodak have to offer that makes it a popular stop for travelers?

  1. Catch a Smokies Game

There aren’t too many better ways to spend a Summer afternoon than attending a minor league baseball game. agrees, as they’ve named Smokies Stadium as the #1 thing to do in Kodak. Tickets are cheap, as are food and drinks, and you have the opportunity to see some of the MLB’s future stars. What’s more, the Smokies offer so many activities on top of simply watching the game. From Calhoun’s catering, to luxury suites that accommodate up to 20 visitors, Smokies Stadium has something for everyone.

  1. Thunder Road Distillery

TripAdvisor’s #2 thing to do in Kodak, Thunder Road Distillery aims to break from the norm of East Tennessee distilleries. Thunder Road makes award-winning Gin, Rum, Corn Whiskey, traditional moonshine and several flavored moonshines. They also produce vodka and an eight-year-old Tennessee Bourbon. Their flavors are bold and their image is that of an outlaw whiskey runner. The distillery has an edgier feel than the other distilleries in Sevier County. They use a lot of copper and black iron to give the tasting room more flare. You might hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the store, but you won’t ever hear a banjo picker.

  1. Seven Islands State Birding Park

416 acres of pristine East Tennessee landscape await your visit in Kodak Tennessee. Eight miles of hiking trails and over 180 species of birds will ensure that you are more than entertained for the entirety of your visit. Located on the banks of the French Broad River, the views of the Smoky Mountains and the park’s rolling hills are sure to take your breath away. And because it is an official state park, it also serves as a wildlife refuge for many local species. Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are all popular activities for visitors.



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