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The Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Tennessee Whiskey Trail, man hiking with a compass.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Summer is the perfect time to get your passport stamped. Especially the one that rewards with whiskey.

Old Tennessee Distilling Company is proud to be a part of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, featuring behind-the-scenes tours of more than 30 legendary distilleries. Each stop on this perfect road trip showcases the detailed craftsmanship that goes into every bottle and jar, bringing the state’s storied history and traditions to life, and introducing you to Tennessee’s most iconic distillers.

As if savoring whiskey at its source isn’t reward enough, once you complete the tour of all 30 distilleries, you receive a special souvenir. Getting started is easy. Simply pick up a copy of the official Passport at Old Tennessee Distilling Company or one of the other distilleries along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, or download the official Tennessee Whiskey Trail app to access the digital Passport.

Tennessee is known the world over for our music and hospitality. And our whiskey. Tennessee has been a leader in spirits distillation throughout our nation’s history. That includes the time before, during, and after Prohibition, as can be seen throughout Old Tennessee Distilling Company. Our pride in craftsmanship and our spirit of independence led Tennesseans to make some of the world’s finest whiskey and some of the nation’s most sought-after moonshine.

On the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, you will experience the history and tradition of Tennessee Whiskey as well as the innovation Tennessee distillers are bringing to whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and moonshine. You’ll get to know the rich landscapes, must-see landmarks, and genuine Southern hospitality that has influenced our spirits for generations and that embody our great state. From The Great Smoky Mountains in Old Tennessee Distilling Company’s backyard to the rolling hills and honky-tonks of Middle Tennessee to the blues-filled streets of Memphis beside the mighty Mississippi River, The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is an adventure across our land and our culture.

So take your time, enjoy the open road, stop and meet the locals, try the soul food, and explore all the small towns along the way. Old Tennessee Distilling Company is the perfect place to start the best road trip of your life.

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