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The Cold-Curing Cocktail

Eggnog Christmas milk cocktail with cinnamon, served in two glasses on vintage tray with shortbread star shape sugar cookies, decor toys, fir branch over white wooden plank table.

The Cold-Curing Cocktail

Imagine the most conservative, Southern Baptist grandma you can think of (and if you’re from the south, this shouldn’t be hard — it may be your own grandmother). You’ve never seen her take a drink in your life, yet here you are, face-to-face with a bottle of whiskey in her cabinet. “It’s medicinal!” she’d say in defense, “It’s the best cure for a cold there is.”

Well, as it turns out, she was right. Cold and flu season is upon us once again — and the coughing and congestion are just enough to make us feel terrible, but not bad enough to get us out of work. Cue the chicken soup to break through the mucus and the NyQuil to help get some sleep, right? While NyQuil and other over-the-counter medications may help relieve cold symptoms, there’s a more natural remedy that does the same job without that groggy feeling in the morning — whiskey.

Like NyQuil, whiskey works as an excellent decongestant. The alcohol helps dilate the blood, making it easier for mucus membranes to deal with the infection. It works well for sleeping, too — just a little bit of it can make your eyelids feel heavier and allow you to get some much-needed rest.

For decades, people have used whiskey to help relieve cold symptoms. Drinking a little bit neat should do the trick, but our favorite way to beat the sickness is with a good hot toddy. So, grab your mug and try out this recipe featuring our award-winning American corn whiskey:

Hot Toddy

1 cup hot water

1 tablespoon honey

1 to 1 ½ ounces Mitchum’s Premium American Corn Whiskey

Lemon juice

1 tea bag (optional)

Get well soon — and if anyone questions you, tell them “it’s medicinal!”



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