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The Best Gifts for Dads This Summer

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Father's Day whiskey and cigar

The Best Gifts for Dads This Summer

Mother’s Day is easier to shop for than Father’s Day. If all else fails, you can buy mom a lovely bouquet and some chocolate, and she’ll be happy. Unfortunately, dads don’t work quite the same. But luckily, we have the solution for those struggling to find the perfect gift for dad this year: alcohol.


At Old Tennesee Distilling Company, we have just what dad wants. We know because most of us are dads ourselves! So, if you’re looking for the perfect presents to make your father’s day, let us lend a hand with our guide.  


For the dad who grills: 

Popping open a beer is one step. Whiskey sours are two and much, much better. You’ll start with two ounces of our Premium American Whiskey, and to make things easy, add three ounces of a premade sour mix. It doesn’t have the same pizazz as a homemade mix, but it’s so simple that it’s worth it. Let’s be honest, the whiskey shines more than the sour mix, anyway, so as long as your base is good – and if you’re using ours, it will be – then your drink and grill are ready to go. 


For the tech dad:

The sophisticated dad who loves his new gadgets will love our Dumplin Creek gin. You can create a classic G&T with three simple ingredients or take it a step further and create your own French 75. With gin, lemon, and a splash of champagne, he’ll feel fancy and manly all in one. 


For the golf dad:

Golf dads are fun. They mix amusing patterns with bright colors, and we know they would love a few moonshine cocktails. You can choose between 18 flavors, but we suggest Little River Lemon or Toasted Mango in the East Tennessee heat. These are easily added to lemonade and add a refreshing kick. 


If you want to hit under 100 on the course, limit yourself to one cocktail on the front end and one on the back. These fruity mixers know how to pack a delightful punch. 


For the coffee-loving dad:

Start with your coffee base (of course) and add a shot or two of his favorite flavored liqueur. He can choose blueberry, creme brulee, honey peach, and butterscotch. Each liqueur creates a new experience, so see what he’s in the mood for, and his after-dinner cocktail will be ready in no time! 


Whatever kind of dad your dad is, we have the drinks he’ll love this Father’s Day. Stop by and stock up on everything he needs to enjoy his day. We recommend crafting his cocktails for him to take it one step further. He’ll get to sip back and relax like the king he is.

Kent Merritt

Gatlinburg native Kent Merrit oversees the behind-the-scenes operations at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. He has over 35 years of manufacturing and business management experience and is passionate about developing and promoting businesses with exceptional products and excellent customer service. He invites you to pop in at Old Tennessee Distilling Co. for a free tasting of moonshine and distilled spirits. "Take a moment, take a sip, and get a taste for Tennessee."

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