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Our Thoughts for Margarita Day, February 22

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Refreshing Homemade Classic Margarita with Lime and Salt

Our Thoughts for Margarita Day, February 22

There seems to be an undying battle of whether frozen margaritas or margaritas on the rocks are better. However, it is usually “on the rocks” enthusiasts who tend to hate on the people who drink frozen margaritas. What is the deal here, and why do frozen margaritas get trashed so often? Here is what we think.

There seems to be a hatred of frozen margaritas from restaurant workers and bartenders because of the inconvenience it poses to the flow of their work. However, making a frozen margarita isn’t much more work than any other fancy and extravagantly-garnished drink – that is, unless the bartenders are manually chipping the ice until it reaches a snowy texture… Our advice to you: don’t feel like you are inconveniencing anyone by ordering a drink they offer and you enjoy!

Another argument often made against the blended drink is that it ruins the taste of the tequila. Little do they know, not all of us want to savor the taste of bottom shelf tequila – and sometimes that is all the bank account allows for! Plus, if you prefer a sweet drink that doesn’t taste so strong, a frozen margarita is the way to go because the blended ice dilutes a good bit of the strong alcohol taste. It does not contain less or more of anything that a margarita on the rocks does. It is simply blended for a different and cooler texture. 

This Margarita Day, don’t let anyone stop you from doing you when you order or make your margarita. The same goes for people who like margaritas on the rocks. If all of your friends like frozen margaritas, don’t let that stop you from having your drink over ice. Margaritas are a divine drink that we all love, so we think it’s time to drop the margarita prejudices. Celebrate Margarita Day this month by going out with friends and ordering the flavor and consistency YOU WANT in a margarita. 

Stop in today at Old Tennessee Distilling Company to stock up on the margarita ingredients you need if you are celebrating Margarita Day at home. Try our Tail of the Dragon tequila and triple sec to complete your drink. We look forward to seeing you in the store. Oh, and happy Margarita Day!


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