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National Repeal Day

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National Repeal Day

December 5th, 1933, also known as National Repeal Day, marks the day that the U.S. officially repealed the alcohol Prohibition law which allowed Americans to consume, sell, and purchase alcohol after 13 dry years. In 1920, Congress passed the 18th Amendment which banned the production, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in America. In response to this ban, opposition grew, violence increased, and bootlegging became the new norm. It wasn’t uncommon for many people to create and sell home-distilled hard liquor, which became known as moonshine, in many southern states. With many people advocating for the repeal of the 18th Amendment, Franklin Roosevelt ran for president with the promise of ending Prohibition. True to his word, Roosevelt ensured that the 21st Amendment was ratified on December 5th, 1933, successfully repealing the 18th Amendment. 

As if you need another reason to drink in 2020, National Repeal Day is the perfect time to show some alcohol appreciation and experiment with new drink combinations. While it may not be practical to head out to the bars to celebrate this December 5th given current Coronavirius restrictions, channel your inner bartender and mix up some drinks of your own at home. Join us in raising a glass to toast the anniversary of the end of Prohibition with some of our favorite recipes using our own Old Tennessee Distilling Company products, including everything from moonshine and whiskey to vodka, rum, and much more. 

Why not celebrate in true style with one of our 18 moonshines in a variety of flavors for every taste? For a quick and easy french vanilla coke, mix 2 oz. of our Dumplin Creek French Vanilla Moonshine with 4 oz. of Coke. If you prefer a more classic whiskey taste, you can’t go wrong with our award-winning Mitchum’s Thunder Road Premium Corn Whiskey. Add a splash of honey syrup and lemon juice for a drink that’s sure to please. In the mood for a cocktail? Our signature Dumplin Creek Gin provides the perfect citrus finish as a base for any cocktail creation.  

No matter what your alcohol and flavor preferences are, be sure to celebrate this National Repeal Day with one of Old Tennessee Distilling Company’s handcrafted spirits. Visit the Recipes tab on our website to discover countless ways to mix up your drink!


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Tennessee Frost Moonshine

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