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Best Mother’s Day Present? Booze!

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Rustic mother's day present with alcohol

Best Mother’s Day Present? Booze!

Moms do everything – cook, clean, drive kids around, give advice (whether you’re six or 40), and selflessly provide for those they love. We think the best way to tell mom you love and appreciate her is by letting her relax with a drink or two this Mother’s Day. Let’s look at drinks that moms across East Tennessee will love. 

Mother’s Day, as always, is on a Sunday, which means that you can spoil her starting the minute she wakes up. We suggest starting her day with breakfast in bed and the always classic Screwdriver. All you’ll need is our Dumplin Creek vodka and some orange juice – the ratios are up to you (or her). Just make sure you make her a hearty breakfast to go along with it. 

Every mama in the south loves tea; that’s just the truth. We’re here to make it even better than usual by adding a few enhancing flavors. Mix up a jug of sweet tea the way she likes and when you pour her a glass, add a shot or two of her favorite moonshine flavor – peach, strawberry, watermelon, or mango. Feel free to switch up the flavors with each glass throughout the day, and then note which one she prefers. From experience, we can tell you that each brings its own flavor and adventure. 

We don’t know about you, but our mama doesn’t discriminate when it comes to booze. From red wine to straight whiskey and everything in between, she is sure to love whatever you bring her. So, for her Mother’s Day dinner, we figured the perfect drink lies right in the middle with our Flirtini. This tasty treat is one ounce of Dumplin Creek vodka, one ounce of pineapple juice, half an ounce of our Tail of the Dragon Triple Sec, half an ounce of orange juice, and a quarter ounce of simple syrup. To add a little pazazz, we recommend topping this beverage with a splash of Sprite. This Flirtini is light, fresh, and tasty, and complements whatever mom is having for dinner.  

Now it’s time for dessert. This, of course, will depend if mom is a chocolate lover or a fruit fanatic, but we’re going to list out our favorite after-dinner dessert cocktails and let you decide from there. 

If you put your mom through Girl Scouts, she deserves our Thin Mint cocktail. You’ll need three ounces of freshly brewed coffee, one ounce of vanilla creamer, and two ounces of our Dumplin Creek Chocolate Merriment moonshine. This combination melts into the perfect Thin Mint flavor, just all grown up and appreciative of the years spent dealing with the Scouts. 

We know it’s May, but there’s been a chill this spring, and if your mom is itching for a backyard bonfire, this quick concoction could be just what she needs. Our Cinnamon and Ginger cocktail feels like fall but tastes like summer; you’ll combine four ounces of ginger ale with two ounces of our Dumplin Creek Bonfire Cinnamon Moonshine, and voila, the perfect summer to fall cocktail is in her hand. 

There you have it, a full day of recipes to show mom how much you love her and appreciate all that she does for you. Whether you live at home, near your mom, or across the country, when you give her a call and make or send these drinks her way, she is sure to have the best and most relaxing day – the gift she deserves most of all.

Kent Merritt

Gatlinburg native Kent Merrit oversees the behind-the-scenes operations at Old Tennessee Distilling Company. He has over 35 years of manufacturing and business management experience and is passionate about developing and promoting businesses with exceptional products and excellent customer service. He invites you to pop in at Old Tennessee Distilling Co. for a free tasting of moonshine and distilled spirits. "Take a moment, take a sip, and get a taste for Tennessee."

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