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4 Game-Changing Thanksgiving Drinks

Old Tennessee Distilling Company / Recipes  / 4 Game-Changing Thanksgiving Drinks
Serving for Thanksgiving dinner with napkin, cutlery and pumpkins top view. Autumn table setting.

4 Game-Changing Thanksgiving Drinks

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means it’s time for food, drinks, and of course, a lot of family time. Ease those awkward family moments this year by serving up some game-changing refreshments at your holiday dinner. 

Apple Cider Mimosa

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving brunch or lunch instead of the traditional dinner? It’s never too late, or early for that matter, to have the perfect fall mimosa. Simply replace the orange juice in the mimosa with your favorite apple cider. It is sure to become a family fall favorite. 

Caramel Apple Cocktail

Serve up this sweet fall drink with the desserts, and trust us, you’ll steal all the thunder from Aunt Jan’s brownies. Squeeze a thick caramel sauce onto the top inner rim of several martini glasses. Then, using either our Dumplin Creek or Tuckaleechee vodka, mix the liquor and apple cider. Distribute the vodka and cider mixture into the caramel glasses and viola! – the perfect after-dinner cocktail is ready. 

Cranberry Margaritas

Ditch the overrated and undereaten cranberry sauce for this killer drink. Use our Tail of the Dragon tequila, and replace cranberry juice with whatever flavor you usually use for your margaritas. Serve these iced. If you’re really feeling fancy, top them off with some fresh cranberries, lime, and of course, salt the rim of the glass!

Spiced Wine

This drink is served warm to bring that soothing and calm feel to your Thanksgiving dinner. Put your favorite red wine and our Thunder Road Apple Brandy in a crockpot or slow cooker with all of your favorite spices and add orange slices. Serve this yummy warm drink to your guests in your favorite set of mugs.

Before you get ready for all that Thanksgiving brings, make sure you visit Old Tennessee Distilling Company to get properly prepared for your holiday meals. Check out all of our fall flavors of moonshine and cream liqueurs – they make wonderful holiday gifts for your friends and family!


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